CarCamping made simple!

Convert your car into a fully functional campervan with our camping modules.

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The Concept

Choose your modules, fold down the seats, and ten minutes later you are ready to hit the road ! The conversion does not require permanent changes to your car and no special tools are needed. CarCamping does not get easier than this! The modules are adjustable and can be installed in almost any car.


Fast and easy assembly

Solo Bedmodule

Duo Bedmodule


We are preparing a high speed launch for our products. Prototypes have already been shipped out and we are currently working closely togeher with the testers to ensure that you get the best possible product. We have asked some of our testers to share their experience with CarCamper.

The bed module allows me to sleep in my car with a level of comfort that I never expected was possible. My bed is protected from the weather and I can even see the stars at night through the moonroof in my car.
ana kasperian
I spent an amazing weekend, looking for the best spot to capture epic sunset pictures. CarCamping gives me the opportunity to stay in one place without having to worry about expensive accomondations.
Kamil Tahvo
To wake up right at the beach and see the deserted shore with perfect waves in the morning is a dream come true. I love that I can get away from the crowds and explore the coastline without having to spend a fortune to buy a van.
Bailey Wright

TV Report: Convert an average car into a "Mini-Camper"

This report was broadcasted on the german tv channel WDR. Moses shows how you can convert any car with the CarCamper modules.

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Benefits of CarCamping

Freedom & Independence

Stay wherever you want, whenever you want. You can camp anywhere anytime.


Avoid CO2-heavy air travel and travel by car instead.
Use what you already own.


You only pay for what you really need. You don't have to purchase and register a second car that sits around unused 90% of the time producing unnecessary costs.

We Are Here For You

Not sure about CarCamping yet? Feel free to ask any question and share your ideas. We always respond as soon as possible.