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The Idea


I am Moses, a passionate engineer and surfer from Germany. Unfortunately, the closest surf spot is over 200 km away from my hometown. Therefore, traveling has become a big part of my hobby.

When surfing, you are completely dependent on nature and the weather conditions. Before I came up with the idea of CarCamping, I sometimes covered distances of over 100 km per day, looking for the perfect wave. The big problem was that after a good surf session, I always had to drive back home to my apartment, which doubled the time and distance spent driving.

During a longer surf trip to the Canary Islands, I thought about buying and converting a van, but when I looked at the outrageous prices for second-hand vans, I knew I had to come up with a different solution. I asked myself this question:

“Why should I get a second car that will sit around unused 90 percent of the time because I will only use it during my holidays? I would have to pay taxes, insurance, and parking fees for the entire year even if I only use it for a few weeks.”

I decided to use my existing resources and convert my car (an old Astra) into a mini camper. After some initial design ideas and drafts, I came up with a plan for the conversion. The main goal was to keep things simple and only focus on key aspects.

The converted car

The converted car should offer:

-a comfortable place to sleep (I am over 6ft tall :D)
-storage space for my surfboards and luggage
-a cooking place with water supply

I worked with materials from the local construction store, and it took about a week and nearly 1000€ to fully convert the car.

The whole prototype set up

Looking back, the concept has proven itself 100%. I am super satisfied and amazed at what can be done using only a normal passenger car. I traveled the entire European coastline only car camping. I can hardly find the words to express the freedom and independence you get from doing so.

The Intention

I want more people to be able to enjoy the benefits of CarCamping. Since not everyone has the time, skills, or knowledge to convert his car by himself, I used my engineering skills to develop CarCamping modules. With these modules, anyone can easily convert his car into a Mini Camper. You don’t have to permanently alter the interior of your vehicle and you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on the conversion. 

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Produktion & Showroom
Carcamper Inh. Moses Kramer
Rheinstraße 205 | 50321 Brühl
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